Eyoyo 1D Linear Wireless Barcode Scanner Bluetooth,Fast&Accurate Scanning,Volume Adjust Button,Battery Level Indicator,Mini Portable Pocket Inventory Bar Codes Reader for Computer, Android, iOS Phones

Item No.: EY-023L
Eyoyo 1D Barcode Scanner

Why Choose This Eyoyo 1D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner?

Upgrade 1: This eyoyo scanner add the volume up/down button, you can adjust volume by press the button directly.Never worry about losing the manual and can't adjust the volume.

Upgrade 2: This bluetooth barcode scanner add the power on/off button, never worry about the battery drain up or or accidentally touching the barcode scanner in your pocket.

Upgrade 3: The mini bluetooth barcode with 1500mAh high capacity rechargeable battery.The battery can scan continuously for more than 16 hours, you don't need to worry about the problem of insufficient battery anymore, so you can work day without worry.

Upgrade 4: The wireless barcode scanner with the power indicator, you can easily know how much power is available and whether it is time to charge the barcode scanner.

Upgrade 5: The wireless scanner built in USB-C charging port, positive and negative can be inserted, do not worry about damage to the charging interface.

How to power on or power off the barcode scanner?

1.Long press the scanning button for 3-4s to power on barcode scanner.

2.Long press the volume + button for 5-6s to power off barcode scanner.

How to adjust the volume?

1.Adjust the volume by press the volume+ and volume - button.

2.Scanning the set code in the manual to adjust the volume.

How to power on or power off Adjust the volume as needed Bluetooth Connection 2.4GUSB
Bluetooth Communication Protocol High Capacity Battery2 Scanning Mode
Strong Compatibility Upload modesprefixes/ suffixes
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