Eyoyo QR Code Scanner Bluetoth, with Volume Adjust Button and Physical Power Switch, Portable 2D Bar Code Scanner for Inventory, 2.4G Cordless Image Reader for Tablet iPhone iPad Android iOS PC POS

Item No.: EY-023
【Upgraded for Easy to Use】The imager barcode scanner add the Physical Power Switch, Long press the scanning button for 3-4 seconds to turn on, Long press the volume + button for 5-6 seconds to turn off. Save energy in case of error operation. Add the volume +/- button to adjust the volume according to your environment.
【Small Pocket 2D Barcode Scanner】Ligitweight 80g/2.82oz, and mini size. Taking the mini barcode scanner to a grocery, hardware, or design store is very easy than the larger models. The included wristlet keeps it from slipping away from your grasp. Equipped with CMOS sensor, which can easily capture 1D/ 2D(QR/ PDF417/ Data Matrix)ID bar codes from paper and screen, effectively compensate for the problem that laser scanner can not identify screen code or glass surfaces, plastic shrink wrap.
【3 Connection Ways & 3 Scanning Mode】Using eyoyo bluetooth barcode scanner, can freely change the connection from bluetooth, 2.4G wireless and USB wired modes. Easily compatible with laptop, PC, tablet, iPhone and iPad, perfectly work with windows xp/7/8/10, Mac OS, Linux. Key trigger mode + Auto-sensing mode +Continous mode. When you change the mode to auto-sensing mode or continuous mode, the scanner will automatically read the barcode once the barcode is detected without pressing the button.
【1500mAh High Capacity Rechargeable Battery】Built-in 1500mAh rechargeable battery, can continuously scannning for 16 Hours under normal condition after fully charged, standby time up to 720 hours, and charging takes only 4 hours.LED power indicator, so you can know the remaining power and charge it timely.
【Special Functions】Support instant upload and storage mode two types use modes, Add custom prefix/suffix digits, Hide front and back character, add keyboard keys (CR, LF, TAB, CR&LF, etc.) to the scanning operation and so on.

Why Choose This Eyoyo 2D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner?

Upgrade 1: This eyoyo scanner add the volume up/down button, you can adjust volume by press the button directly.Never worry about losing the manual and can't adjust the volume.

Upgrade 2: This bluetooth barcode scanner add the power on/off button, never worry about the battery drain up or or accidentally touching the barcode scanner in your pocket.

Upgrade 3: The mini bluetooth barcode with 1500mAh high capacity rechargeable battery.The battery can scan continuously for more than 16 hours, you don't need to worry about the problem of insufficient battery anymore, so you can work entire day without worry.

Upgrade 4: The wireless barcode scanner with the power indicator, you can easily know how much power is available and whether it is time to charge the barcode scanner.

Upgrade 5: The wireless scanner built in USB-C charging port, positive and negative can be inserted, do not worry about damage to the charging interface.


Suggestions for Use

How to power on or power off the barcode scanner?

1.Long press the scanning button for 3-4s to power on barcode scanner.

2.Long press the volume + button for 5-6s to power off barcode scanner.

How to adjust the volume?

1.Adjust the volume by press the volume+ and volume - button.

2.Scanning the set code in the manual to adjust the volume.


3 Scanning Mode

  • Manual Trigger Mode: You need press the trigger button to scaning the barcodes.(Most frequently-used method)
  • Continuous Scan Mode: The scanning light is always on when the scanner is electrified.You can scanning barcode without pressing any trigger button.(Especially fits for the production line at factories)
  • Auto-Sense mode: The scanning light is off until you put the barcode in front of the scaning window.Once the barcode is detected, the scanning light will turn on.You can also scanning barcode without pressing any trigger button.(Especially fits for retail stores, and inventory warehouses.)


Bluetooth Connection

Easily connect with your phone, tablets and computer via Bluetooth.See the user manual to got the steps of Bluetooth connection

2.4G Wireless Connection

Just scan the set code in the manual and Plug 2.4G USB dongle to your computer it will connect with scanner successfully.

USB Wired Connection

Connect with computer via USB cable, also it can charge for the scanner.

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